GPC Pharma SAS, was born as a strategic project, the result of a vision provided by a group of executives from the pharmaceutical, business and health sectors, which allowed a synergistic combination of their experience, knowledge and managerial capacity, in order to analyze and understand the requirements of the hospital institutional market, identify unmet needs, and design novel strategies for niche solutions.

Such solutions were aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements of critically ill hospital patients, with a strategic focus on the area of infectology, mycology and pain clinic, responding with an expanded portfolio, consisting of both unavailable vital drugs and a health record. Today, GPC Pharma has a broad portfolio of highly specialized drugs, reaching the most highly recognized and highly complex hospital institutions throughout the Colombian territory.


Know the needs of hospital drugs and specialized medical devices and add value to all stakeholders including customers, partners, employees, regulators and society in general. 


Be the market leaders in medicines and medical devices for hospital patient niches

Quality politics

Ensure that the organization has the necessary and sufficient processes to guarantee the success of our Mission and, at the same time, that it satisfies the needs, expectations and / or requirements of the interested parties, through the following strategic courses of action:

Secure that our products meet the needs, requirements and expectations of patients and their agents, including doctors, health personnel and IPS, in general.

Ensure a supplier platform has enough capacities to supply products in a timely manner, avoiding fractures in the supply chain, and in accordance with local, Colombian and international regulations and quality standards, especially in terms of BPM and GLP.

Ensure a competent, motivated, responsible, flexible to change, cooperative and loyal work team with the company, aware of the risks.

Constantly review and improve the company’s processes and adjust them to the current requirements and regulations, especially in terms of quality.

Ensure the profit-earning capacity of the company and protect it from its main risks, especially inefficiencies in processes, exchange risks and price regulation.

Protect the useful life of products, assuring their correct use, and ensure timely access in order to avoid preventable deaths, generate savings for the IPS and contribute to the well-being of the patients who use them and society in general. 

Guarantee that the quality and safety conditions of medicines and medical devices that are imported, stored, distributed and commercialized are maintained in accordance with the regulatory and manufacturer requirements.