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About Us

About Us

GPC Pharma S.A.S

We are a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and distribution of niche hospital medicines and devices.

Our portfolio comprises a variety of exclusive products targeted to Infectious Disease Specialists responsible for treating MDR, and various other specialists, including:

  • Pain management and intervention.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Critical care.
  • Organ transplants
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Professional Team


Satisfy the needs of hospital drugs and specialized medical devices and add value to all stakeholders including customers, partners, employees, regulators and society in general.


To be leaders in the drug and medical device market for hospital patient niches


  • Guarantee the accomplishment of the corporate mission through a structured processes’ organization, designed, and continuously improved to fulfill timely and efficiently the needs, expectations, and requirements of our external and internal customers, in compliance with the pertinent and current regulations, protocols, and quality standards.
  • Quality assurance at all stages of each process: Ensure that the quality and safety conditions of medicines, medical devices, and diagnostic reagents that are imported, stored, distributed, and marketed are maintained following regulatory and manufacturer requirements.


  • Ensure the satisfaction of our main customers; hospitals and other health care providers.
  • An adequate supply of the purchase orders received.
  • Ensure the permanent stock and distribution of the products in our portfolio.
  • Ensure that the products in the portfolio meet the quality standards required by regulatory agencies.
  • Continuously improve the fundamental processes for the company’s mission.
1. Focus on customers and stakeholders
2. Leadership from processes
3. Cooperation in work teams
4. Organization of processes
5. Review, adjustment and continuous improvement of processes
6. Evidence-based decision making
7. Management of corporate relations
8. Quality assurance at all stages of the processes.
9.Normative compliance.

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