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GPC Pharma
We are a company dedicated to satisfying the needs and expectations of our critical care customers with medicines and medical devices, which add value to all parties involved, including customers, partners, employees, regulators and society in general.
Disodium Fosfomycin 4g IV, broad-spectrum bactericidal antibiotic
The most complete line of organ preservatives, presentations Servator Servator H – Servator B – Servator P + THAM

About us

GPC Pharma S.A.S

It markets niche hospital drugs and medical devices in several specialties, including:

  • Infectious diseases with special attention to Multiresistance.
  • Intervention and pain management.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Critical care.

Our Portfolio


Specialized pharmaceutical products for the hospital institutional market


Most complete line of organ preservatives for transplants

Some of our clients

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