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About Us


GPC Pharma S.A.S

We are a pharmaceutical company with over 10 years of experience in marketing, promotion, and distribution of medicines, mostly injectables, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, and biomedical equipment, focusing on the institutional hospital market.

Currently, we cover all high-complexity clinics and hospitals in Colombia, through a highly specialized sales force, a rapid response logistics system, and, in general, business models centered around the needs of critical patients.

Our portfolio includes a variety of exclusive products targeted at the following medical specialties:

  • Infectiologists responsible for MDR management
  • Intervention and management of pain and spasticity
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Palliative care
  • Cardiologists
  • Surgeons specialized in organ transplantation
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Critical care and intensive care medicine
  • Transplantologists
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To meet the needs of medicines, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, and biomedical equipment for hospital patient niches, adding value to all stakeholders, including customers, partners, employees, regulators, and society at large.


To be leaders in the institutional market of medicines, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, and biomedical equipment for hospital patient niches.


Strive to adapt to the environment, exceed customer expectations, and comply with processes and regulations. Imperatives:

  1. Respond with creativity and imagination to opportunities and challenges arising in a dynamic, constantly evolving, chaotic, and challenging environment, in order to ensure the sustainability and growth of the organization.
  2. Process Improvement. Organize activities into processes and projects that are continuously designed and improved, in line with the expectations of external and internal customers, regulations, protocols, and relevant and current quality standards.
  3. Service Quality (Satisfaction). Ensure satisfaction through the customer relationship management process, aimed at:
  • Reducing response times for purchase orders.
  • Personalizing the customer experience.
  • Providing advice, support, and technical assistance by the sales force.
  • Timely addressing complaints, claims, and suggestions.
  • Ensuring the continuous supply of portfolio products.
  1. Quality Assurance at all stages of processes: Ensure that the quality and safety conditions of imported, stored, distributed, and marketed medicines, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, and biomedical equipment are maintained in accordance with regulatory and manufacturer requirements.
  2. Quality of Technical Care. Comply with the standards, protocols, contracts, regulations, and standards that regulate the effectiveness and safety of marketed products (medicines, medical devices, and diagnostic reagents), in each of their components and stages, from origin to final destination, through the technical and regulatory management area, including the following processes:
    • Logistics:
    • Manufacturing
    • Importation
    • Storage
    • Marketing
    • Transportation
    • Distribution
    • Final disposition
    • Post-market Surveillance Systems: pharmacovigilance, technovigilance, and reagent vigilance
    • Document management
    • Mandatory reports


  • Ensure satisfaction for hospital clients.
  • Attend to purchase orders promptly.
  • Ensure continuous supply of portfolio products.
  • Ensure that portfolio products meet the quality standards required by regulatory agencies.
  • Continuously improve company processes in alignment with the vision and mission.
1. Foco en los clientes y partes interesadas
2. Liderazgo desde los procesos
3. Cooperación en los equipos de trabajo
4. Organización de los procesos
5. Revisión, ajuste y mejoramiento continuo de procesos
6. Toma de decisiones basadas en evidencias
7. Gerenciamiento de relaciones corporativas
8. Aseguramiento de la calidad en todas las etapas de los procesos
9. Cumplimiento normativo

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